Tips for Commercial Fall Landscaping


As the temperatures begin to drop and summer fades, it’s time to think about your autumn landscaping. Just because the weather cools doesn’t mean you want to forego landscaping. Your business still needs your attention. In order to make sure that you have a landscape to be proud of, consider these five tips.

Focus on Damage Control

When fall comes, you will be able to target diseased or dying plants. This is when you should focus on pruning and cutting back dying branches. This is a good time to deal with damage control while nothing is growing out of control.

Boost Your Landscape’s Color

Try seasonal plants on your property. You want to keep a warm and welcoming business front. You can always plant new trees or shrubs while the soil is easy to work with. Your contractor can help you decide which seasonal plants to invest in.

Pay Attention to Your Lawn

Don’t forget your lawn when fall comes. This isn’t the time to give up on it. You should perforate the soil so that your lawn can breathe. Also, do not trim your lawn too short, you want to reenergize your lawn by taking longer breaks between mowing. You may even want to fertilize once before winter begins.

Rid Your Property of Leaves

Leaves can smother your garden and lawn. In addition, they can clog water systems. Make sure that you rake regularly and keep your grounds clean of leaves. In addition, you can use netting to catch any leaves over fountains or water systems.

Check Your Hardscapes

Make sure to pay close attention to your patios, fountains, and retaining walls. During freezing temperatures, these hardscapes can expand. This can lead to cracks and holes. If you see cracks and holes now, make sure they get sealed.

While the seasons are growing colder, it doesn’t mean you can slack on landscaping for your business. It’s easy to remember to landscape in spring and summer, but fall is just as important. For help with your landscaping this fall, contact H&H Landscaping by calling 832-604-3925 or emailing us