Smart Property Management Secrets: Landscaping Maintenance Plans Send a Message


The most sought-after commercial properties are managed so well that tenants hardly notice what is going on behind the curtain. Here’s a secret that managers for the best properties know: stay one step ahead by hiring experts to do routine maintenance. This especially holds true for landscaping needs. Everything outside those doors needs to be inviting and problem-free, and that happens when you get the right company to make and execute a landscaping maintenance plan.

Send A Message of Reliability

Limited space availability is the hallmark of a quality property, and managers know that attracting tenants and keeping them is the measure of success. When a property looks good on the outside, it sends many messages to current and prospective tenants:

If you think the outside is nice, check out what’s inside!
The property manager pays attention to details.
Tenant voices will be heard and needs met.
Visitors and customers will feel welcome and respected.

Landscaping is the first thing anyone sees and it tells everyone what they can expect from the property.

Send a Message Year-Round

A landscape needs to be managed all year long and routine support is needed to maintain those messages of invitation and reliability. Here are just a few needs met by seasonal landscaping management plans:

Turf management includes weeding, moisture management, aeration, seeding and fertilization.
Seasonal plantings provide color and appeal, fitting the unique needs of the micro-environment with such considerations as water management, exposure and temperature.
Maintenance of trees and shrubs considers the environment as well as tenant and visitor safety in terms of visibility and potential damage from storm impact.
Water management is a critical part of a landscaping plan both in terms of plant needs, but also in consideration of water management and protection of structures.

Send a Message of Reputation

The landscaping at your commercial property can say so much about the level of attention that tenants will receive at your building. Contact H & H Landscape Services at 832-604-3925 for a landscaping maintenance plan that will convey year-round messages of consistent reliability to potential and current tenants.