Key Advantages to Using an Irrigation System

From curbside flower beds to a sprawling landscape, your commercial property has a variety of landscaping requirements. Take advantage of your natural features and create an inviting first impression for your customers and employees. Here are a few key advantages that you can enjoy when you use a professionally installed irrigation system as part of your landscaping strategy.

Lush, Green Lawns
A complete irrigation system is a professional way to enjoy soft, vibrant grass. Even the hottest days are no match for consistent watering across your lawn. When a professional irrigation technician designs and installs your system, you’ll enjoy comprehensive coverage that ensures a unified look and feel to your commercial lawn.

Hassle-Free Maintenance
When you choose a commercial irrigation system, you can enjoy consistent watering without the time-consuming work. You want have to worry about timing watering, moving sprinklers, or dragging hoses around your commercial lawn. An irrigation system, when professionally serviced, doesn’t require extensive maintenance or upkeep. Simply set the correct programming for your climate and lawn type and enjoy automatic irrigation.

The control systems for your irrigation can be easily controlled by a professional landscape service. They can control the duration, start time, and number of days a week that your irrigation operates. You can even install a rain sensor to ensure that you won’t over water your lawn in the event of a large storm.

Accurate and Efficient Watering
If you have limited water use for your commercial property, you need a watering method that is energy-efficient and still provides the irrigation you need. A commercial system is designed to conserve the maximum amount of water while still keeping your plants, trees, and lawn green and revitalized.
If you’re ready to discover how your landscaping can enjoy a hassle-free, energy-efficient, and professional watering, contact H & H Landscaping today. You’ll receive an estimate on installation and maintenance of any size system. Choose an irrigation service provider who is experienced with your specific landscape, climate, and irrigation needs. Call 832-604-3925 or send us an email today!