Keep Your Commercial Grounds Safe Year Around

When considering landscape improvements and maintenance for your commercial property, you probably focus on appearance. After all, a beautiful environment attracts tenants and customers, impresses guests, and often increases property values. As you review the design and upkeep of your exterior grounds, however, be sure to contemplate safety measures to keep everyone who ventures on your property free from injury. Here are a few important issues to ponder.


Trees and Plants Occasionally Pose Safety Hazards


Trees, shrubs, and annual plants can add amazing beauty to your commercial property. However, unless properly maintained, they may pose risks for residents and visitors. Trees can drop dead or loose limbs on a windy day or during a storm. Shedding of plant blossoms in spring, or leaves in fall, can become slippery when combined with rain or water from sprinklers. Have an arborist annually evaluate the trees and trim loose or dead limbs. If any trees, shrubs, or in-ground sprinklers are removed, make sure no tripping hazards remain.


Dangers Escalate After Dark


Everything from avoiding falls to staying aware of surroundings, becomes more difficult in reduced visibility. A landscape designer can help you install economical lighting that enhances your grounds and provides adequate visibility during nighttime hours. If your lighting is on a timer, adjust it to come on earlier as the days shorten.


Keep Walkways and Paths Clearly Defined and Free of Debris


If you notice people taking shortcuts off the sidewalks, planting flowerbeds or shrubs along the edges may help. Maintenance staff should inspect, sweep, and remove all debris from walkways on a daily basis. Provide recycle and trash containers to help reduce litter. Stay alert for sticks, rocks, and potholes in walkways and parking lots and repair problems immediately.



Landscaping your commercial property with safety in mind can save you from future problems. Keep trees, shrubs, and plants healthy and trimmed, maintain adequate lighting at night, and provide debris-free walkways and paths. Keep your commercial grounds safe with H & H Landscape Services. Reach out to us today by calling 832-604-3925 or sending an email to