Reasons To Hire a Professional Landscaper for Your Commercial Property


A significant part of a property’s appeal is its exterior design and maintenance. This applies to both the building and the landscaping. Colorful plants, neatly trimmed bushes, bubbling fountains, and interesting stone walkways not only catch people’s gaze, but they also increase the value of your commercial property. These are just two reasons to hire a professional landscaper, with the following being three more reasons and the benefits of doing so.


Make a Statement


The exterior of your property is the first interaction people will have with your company. Therefore, you need to make the right statement to potential clients to earn their trust and create an inviting space.


A high-quality, attractive appearance also reflects the time and effort you put into other areas, as well as the money you have to do so. Hiring a professional to do the job ensures that the landscaping matches the type and tone of your business.


Protect Customers


Landscaping not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also a security one. Keeping the parking lot, walkways, and entrance clean, clear of natural debris, and in top condition lowers the likelihood of a patron getting injured and suing you. Both litigation and settlements are costly, so it is best to avoid the situation in the first place by having professionals stay on top of maintenance and repairs.


Focus on Your Company


You already have enough to do as a property owner or manager. Adding landscaping to the list will take away time you should be spending on tasks that require your skills and expertise. Let a professional landscaper design the layout, choose the right foliage and décor, and maintain the property regularly so you can put all your focus on business affairs.


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3 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Property in Great Shape All Year

[caption id="attachment_368" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Panorama Landscape garden design.The path in the garden with pond in asian style Panorama Landscape garden design.The path in the garden with pond in asian style[/caption]

It can be easy to let commercial landscaping slide once the calendar flips past spring and summer, but the off-season is still a very important period. It’s an ideal time to plant new seeds, blanket the soil and handle any hardscaping projects that’ve been waiting on the backburner. Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your property all year round.

Sowing the Seeds

Warmer seasons bring new growth, but before that happens, the seed must be planted. Adding plants or trees can start in the autumn and carry into the initial stages of winter, before the harsher chill sets in. Less heat during these seasons means less evaporation and moister soil, making it easier for new flora to start taking root.

Mulch Ado

Spreading mulch can provide an immediate visual boost to your grounds, but it provides a number of even more important perks, such as:

  • Reducing potential erosion
  • Combatting growth of unwanted weeds
  • Promoting ideal soil moisture levels and temperature

It’s clear to see that proper mulching can save you plenty of time on future maintenance. In the meantime, it delivers major benefits to soil while naturally beautifying the area; skipping this process is definitely not recommended.

Hardscaping Time

Fall and winter are perfect times to reinvent your property through strategic hardscaping. From minor additions like rock formations, to major renovations like new sidewalks and retaining walls, the colder months can provide key opportunities to focus on some of the non-organic components of your commercial sprawl.

Year-Round Quality

No matter the season, a trusted landscaping provider can work wonders for your commercial property. Whether you’re in need of ongoing maintenance, irrigation services or full-blown design and development, H&H Landscape Services has the experienced professionals to deliver the results you desire. Contact us today by calling 832-831-9133 and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for further consultation.