3 Things to Include in Your Office Complex Landscape

Your office is probably like a second home to more people than just you. As the property manager, you may take more pride in it, but there could be a lot of individuals who spend a considerable amount of time there. Creating a landscape that brings the feel of home back to the office can improve productivity as employees are more comfortable and relaxed while doing their jobs. The following are three things to include in the landscape design of your office complex.

A Water Feature

The sound of water has a natural calming effect. Consider including a small pond, stream, or fountain. If the area permits, you could go for an outright waterfall! Aside from its calming effect, water can give cause for reflection, drown out the sounds of the office, and be a unique feature for everyone to enjoy.

Secluded Areas

Some people like to go and reflect by themselves during a busy day. Include some areas in your design that are more secluded so those who need some time to themselves can have that time in a beautiful setting. There could be a path surrounded by shrubbery with benches every ten yards, or little arboretums that break off from one that is larger, so individuals can step away to spend time alone.

Collaborative Areas

In addition to secluded areas, be sure to include collaborative areas where employees from different departments can meet up for lunch. These areas could also be used for managers to conduct team-building events and other similar get-togethers that will break up a monotonous workday.

When you create an office complex landscape design, you have to consider the needs of various individuals to create that perfect space. From water features to collaborative areas, make sure you include something for everyone to feel comfortable while they’re at work. For help in getting started, contact H&H Landscape Services by calling 832-604-3925 or emailing us today!

Tips for Commercial Fall Landscaping


As the temperatures begin to drop and summer fades, it’s time to think about your autumn landscaping. Just because the weather cools doesn’t mean you want to forego landscaping. Your business still needs your attention. In order to make sure that you have a landscape to be proud of, consider these five tips.

Focus on Damage Control

When fall comes, you will be able to target diseased or dying plants. This is when you should focus on pruning and cutting back dying branches. This is a good time to deal with damage control while nothing is growing out of control.

Boost Your Landscape’s Color

Try seasonal plants on your property. You want to keep a warm and welcoming business front. You can always plant new trees or shrubs while the soil is easy to work with. Your contractor can help you decide which seasonal plants to invest in.

Pay Attention to Your Lawn

Don’t forget your lawn when fall comes. This isn’t the time to give up on it. You should perforate the soil so that your lawn can breathe. Also, do not trim your lawn too short, you want to reenergize your lawn by taking longer breaks between mowing. You may even want to fertilize once before winter begins.

Rid Your Property of Leaves

Leaves can smother your garden and lawn. In addition, they can clog water systems. Make sure that you rake regularly and keep your grounds clean of leaves. In addition, you can use netting to catch any leaves over fountains or water systems.

Check Your Hardscapes

Make sure to pay close attention to your patios, fountains, and retaining walls. During freezing temperatures, these hardscapes can expand. This can lead to cracks and holes. If you see cracks and holes now, make sure they get sealed.

While the seasons are growing colder, it doesn’t mean you can slack on landscaping for your business. It’s easy to remember to landscape in spring and summer, but fall is just as important. For help with your landscaping this fall, contact H&H Landscaping by calling 832-604-3925 or emailing us

Key Advantages to Using an Irrigation System

From curbside flower beds to a sprawling landscape, your commercial property has a variety of landscaping requirements. Take advantage of your natural features and create an inviting first impression for your customers and employees. Here are a few key advantages that you can enjoy when you use a professionally installed irrigation system as part of your landscaping strategy.

Lush, Green Lawns
A complete irrigation system is a professional way to enjoy soft, vibrant grass. Even the hottest days are no match for consistent watering across your lawn. When a professional irrigation technician designs and installs your system, you’ll enjoy comprehensive coverage that ensures a unified look and feel to your commercial lawn.

Hassle-Free Maintenance
When you choose a commercial irrigation system, you can enjoy consistent watering without the time-consuming work. You want have to worry about timing watering, moving sprinklers, or dragging hoses around your commercial lawn. An irrigation system, when professionally serviced, doesn’t require extensive maintenance or upkeep. Simply set the correct programming for your climate and lawn type and enjoy automatic irrigation.

The control systems for your irrigation can be easily controlled by a professional landscape service. They can control the duration, start time, and number of days a week that your irrigation operates. You can even install a rain sensor to ensure that you won’t over water your lawn in the event of a large storm.

Accurate and Efficient Watering
If you have limited water use for your commercial property, you need a watering method that is energy-efficient and still provides the irrigation you need. A commercial system is designed to conserve the maximum amount of water while still keeping your plants, trees, and lawn green and revitalized.
If you’re ready to discover how your landscaping can enjoy a hassle-free, energy-efficient, and professional watering, contact H & H Landscaping today. You’ll receive an estimate on installation and maintenance of any size system. Choose an irrigation service provider who is experienced with your specific landscape, climate, and irrigation needs. Call 832-604-3925 or send us an email today!

3 Tips for Creating a Functional Outdoor Oasis

When it comes to landscaping, it’s easy to get caught up in the form and forget the function. Of course, beautiful outdoor spaces do serve a purpose. They improve the appearance of a building, reducing stress levels in employees and customers. However, when outdoor spaces are also functional, they assist businesses with achieving their more objective goals. Here are three tips for creating your functional outdoor oasis.

Lush green garden with stone landscaping, hedge, path and bench Lush green garden with stone landscaping, hedge, path and bench[/caption]

  1. Consider Traffic Flow

Whether your outdoor spaces are corridors or extra seating, you need to consider how people will move through them. Tight spaces may lead to accidents, such as spilling hot coffee onto another person. Because of this, even if an area is primarily for seating, be sure to leave enough room for people to move around freely and safely.

  1. Reflect Your Marketing Strategy

Some companies may believe this means that they should look for every opportunity to include their logo outdoors. While this is not a bad idea, there is more to a brand than its logo. What are some of the company values? Create spaces that reflect this. For example, a company that believes in inclusivity and the importance of social connections, may have more seating for larger groups to discourage cliquish behavior.

  1. Prioritize Maintenance

When designing and building your outdoor space, remember to consider maintenance. Some companies can afford to splurge on features that require frequent maintenance. Some cannot. Double-check the maintenance schedules before agreeing to any plans. This ensures that you have the budget to keep the space looking its best. Otherwise, overgrown areas may attract pests, birds may become a problem, or fish may not receive the care they need to thrive.

When beautiful spaces serve functional purposes, employers achieve a two-birds-one-stone goal. Doing this requires skill, laser focus, and a commitment to the people who will use the spaces most often. Would you like to receive a free estimate for commercial landscaping that takes all these factors into consideration? Contact H & H Landscape Services, LLC by calling 832-604-3925 or sending us an email today.

Keep Your Commercial Grounds Safe Year Around

When considering landscape improvements and maintenance for your commercial property, you probably focus on appearance. After all, a beautiful environment attracts tenants and customers, impresses guests, and often increases property values. As you review the design and upkeep of your exterior grounds, however, be sure to contemplate safety measures to keep everyone who ventures on your property free from injury. Here are a few important issues to ponder.


Trees and Plants Occasionally Pose Safety Hazards


Trees, shrubs, and annual plants can add amazing beauty to your commercial property. However, unless properly maintained, they may pose risks for residents and visitors. Trees can drop dead or loose limbs on a windy day or during a storm. Shedding of plant blossoms in spring, or leaves in fall, can become slippery when combined with rain or water from sprinklers. Have an arborist annually evaluate the trees and trim loose or dead limbs. If any trees, shrubs, or in-ground sprinklers are removed, make sure no tripping hazards remain.


Dangers Escalate After Dark


Everything from avoiding falls to staying aware of surroundings, becomes more difficult in reduced visibility. A landscape designer can help you install economical lighting that enhances your grounds and provides adequate visibility during nighttime hours. If your lighting is on a timer, adjust it to come on earlier as the days shorten.


Keep Walkways and Paths Clearly Defined and Free of Debris


If you notice people taking shortcuts off the sidewalks, planting flowerbeds or shrubs along the edges may help. Maintenance staff should inspect, sweep, and remove all debris from walkways on a daily basis. Provide recycle and trash containers to help reduce litter. Stay alert for sticks, rocks, and potholes in walkways and parking lots and repair problems immediately.



Landscaping your commercial property with safety in mind can save you from future problems. Keep trees, shrubs, and plants healthy and trimmed, maintain adequate lighting at night, and provide debris-free walkways and paths. Keep your commercial grounds safe with H & H Landscape Services. Reach out to us today by calling 832-604-3925 or sending an email to ray@handhlandscapeservices.biz.


3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company

Right 360Your business is one of the first things customers will see when approaching your building. A beautiful, well-maintained landscape is an important way to make a memorable first impression on customers and give them a taste of the level of professionalism they can expect to receive once they go inside. Hiring a commercial landscape maintenance company is the best way to ensure your landscape looks great all year long. Before deciding on a company and signing a contract, always ask these three questions.

1.Who Will You Be Communicating With If You Have Any Concerns?

 You want to make sure the landscaping company you choose is easy to get a hold of and willing to communicate with you long after the contract is signed. Finding out who you should get in contact with if you have concerns and receiving reassurance that they welcome your communication will reveal if this is a company you can comfortably do business with.

2.What Is Their Level of Experience?

It is important that you are aware of your needs and expectations for your business’ landscaping and that the company you choose is able to provide all the services you need. Make sure to ask how much experience the company has and what makes them qualified for the job. Find out exactly what services they provide. You can also ask if they are able to provide any references to vouch for their work.

3.Are Their Practices Environmentally Sustainable?

If your business cares about their impact on the environment, you will want to learn whether the landscaping company you choose feels the same. Finding out if they plant native species, if they recycle landscaping waste, and if they use water-conserving irrigation systems is a good place to start.

When choosing a landscaping company to maintain your business’ landscape, there’s much more to consider than the price you’ll have to pay. For a reputable landscaping company you can trust for all your commercial needs, choose H & H Landscaping. Email Ray today at ray@handhlandscapeservices.biz or give us a call at 832-604-3925!

3 Things To Consider When Designing a Landscape


The right landscape can make your business stand out from the rest. However, there are several important factors to consider when you are designing the perfect landscape for your business.

 1. The Atmosphere of Your Business

A visually pleasing exterior of a business helps attract customers and also helps to promote a welcoming atmosphere. Having an idea of what you want people to feel like when they look at and enter your business helps you determine what landscape will work best for your business. Colorful flowers can give your business a bright, cheerful look, whereas lots of green shrubs and plants promotes a calming atmosphere.

2. Environmental Factors

Though the visual impact of your business is important, it’s also helpful to consider your climate and environment. Plants that are meant for humid environments are unlikely to thrive in arid climates, just as plants that need plenty of sun will wither if they are in the shade constantly. Taking the time to research what plants will work best in your area helps to ensure that your plants, trees and shrubs thrive.

3. Maintenance

In addition to considering the appearance of your landscape and any environmental factors that may affect it, it’s also useful to decide how often you want to have maintenance done on the landscape. Certain plants and flowers, such as succulents, bamboo and fir trees, require minimal attention, whereas other plants, like lilies and citrus trees, need more maintenance. Though frequent maintenance can be costly, you will likely be able to include a larger variety of trees, flowers and shrubs in your landscape if you are committed to maintenance.

As you plan out a landscape, it’s helpful to consider the appearance of your landscape, environmental factors and the level of maintenance your landscape will require. For help creating the perfect landscape for your business, contact H & H Landscape Services today by calling 832-604-3925.

Landscaping Tips to Refresh Your Commercial Property

Many businesses are judged based on appearance alone. After all, first impressions matter. That’s why you need a landscape that is welcoming and beautiful. Here are five tips to spruce up your commercial property landscaping.



1. Sloped Landscapes

Sloped landscapes offer a way for you to make use of the outdoor space you have to paint your business in a better light. Besides the overall aesthetic appeal of a sloped landscape, it has an added benefit of concealing the parking lot for better curb appeal.

2. Pops of Color

Bright blooms can grab people’s attention and create a sense of happiness before someone even gets to the front door. That being said, it’s important to choose flowers wisely depending on the time of year they bloom and maintenance instructions. A selection of annuals and perennials are always a good choice.

3. Retaining Walls

If you have a small space to work with, you might want to consider retaining walls. These provide depth and variety and give you more planting space to work with for added volume. This is also a perfect solution to a steep slope.

4. Local Plants

It’s always nice to use local plants as part of a landscaping design. These blend into the natural landscape of the area you are in and are often low maintenance. Another benefit is that these plants are already suited to your environment and so can thrive more easily than other plants.

5. Entrance Sign

Your sign establishes you in the neighborhood and helps guide customers to you. That’s why it’s so important to take signage into consideration when planning a landscape. You want the plants to complement the sign, not overwhelm it or make it difficult to see.

Plant Your Way to Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is incredibly important in helping with first impressions. To make sure you design a landscape that suits your business and area, contact H & H Landscaping today by calling 832-604-3925.

3 Benefits That Make a Commercial Landscaping Plan a No-Brainer!

If you own or manage a commercial property or business, you know that first impressions make or break a deal. When a potential client or customer approaches your property, the first thing they see is the landscaping. Maintaining the grounds is a big job, so why not let a professional commercial landscaping company handle it for you? Here are some of the great benefits a commercial landscaping plan provides.

Landscape Maintenance

Let’s start with the basics. A commercial landscaping plan will cover general maintenance and upkeep. This includes mowing and shaping grass, weed control, and trimming and pruning of bushes and trees. Depending on the plan, the landscape service team may come out once a week, or once every few days.

Water and Turf Management

Turf is generally the largest aspect of any property. In addition to keeping grass trimmed, it’s crucial that you’re working with a company who is committed to keeping your turf healthy, using fertilizers and other chemicals to evaluate soil and stimulate growth and healthy appearance.


Having a functioning irrigation system that’s appropriate for your property is also critical. With technological advancements, it’s easier than ever for a landscaping company to have an intuitive, programmable and adjustable watering or sprinkler system that keeps your grass, plants, and trees looking lush and staying healthy. This also helps you monitor and track water usage.

Design, Development and Installation 

If your property needs a complete cosmetic overhaul, or if you want to expand, a commercial landscaping plan can be created to design and build a new look for your grounds! You’ll work with an architect to design a custom plan built to the specifications and needs of your property. An installation team will bring the vision to life and take your appearance to the next level.

There are so many aspects to running a successful commercial property. By contracting a commercial landscaping plan with H&H Landscape Services, you’ll save valuable time and improve the efficiency and appeal of your land. Call us today at 832-604-3925.

Smart Property Management Secrets: Landscaping Maintenance Plans Send a Message


The most sought-after commercial properties are managed so well that tenants hardly notice what is going on behind the curtain. Here’s a secret that managers for the best properties know: stay one step ahead by hiring experts to do routine maintenance. This especially holds true for landscaping needs. Everything outside those doors needs to be inviting and problem-free, and that happens when you get the right company to make and execute a landscaping maintenance plan.

Send A Message of Reliability

Limited space availability is the hallmark of a quality property, and managers know that attracting tenants and keeping them is the measure of success. When a property looks good on the outside, it sends many messages to current and prospective tenants:

If you think the outside is nice, check out what’s inside!
The property manager pays attention to details.
Tenant voices will be heard and needs met.
Visitors and customers will feel welcome and respected.

Landscaping is the first thing anyone sees and it tells everyone what they can expect from the property.

Send a Message Year-Round

A landscape needs to be managed all year long and routine support is needed to maintain those messages of invitation and reliability. Here are just a few needs met by seasonal landscaping management plans:

Turf management includes weeding, moisture management, aeration, seeding and fertilization.
Seasonal plantings provide color and appeal, fitting the unique needs of the micro-environment with such considerations as water management, exposure and temperature.
Maintenance of trees and shrubs considers the environment as well as tenant and visitor safety in terms of visibility and potential damage from storm impact.
Water management is a critical part of a landscaping plan both in terms of plant needs, but also in consideration of water management and protection of structures.

Send a Message of Reputation

The landscaping at your commercial property can say so much about the level of attention that tenants will receive at your building. Contact H & H Landscape Services at 832-604-3925 for a landscaping maintenance plan that will convey year-round messages of consistent reliability to potential and current tenants.