3 Tips for Creating a Functional Outdoor Oasis

When it comes to landscaping, it’s easy to get caught up in the form and forget the function. Of course, beautiful outdoor spaces do serve a purpose. They improve the appearance of a building, reducing stress levels in employees and customers. However, when outdoor spaces are also functional, they assist businesses with achieving their more objective goals. Here are three tips for creating your functional outdoor oasis.

Lush green garden with stone landscaping, hedge, path and bench Lush green garden with stone landscaping, hedge, path and bench[/caption]

  1. Consider Traffic Flow

Whether your outdoor spaces are corridors or extra seating, you need to consider how people will move through them. Tight spaces may lead to accidents, such as spilling hot coffee onto another person. Because of this, even if an area is primarily for seating, be sure to leave enough room for people to move around freely and safely.

  1. Reflect Your Marketing Strategy

Some companies may believe this means that they should look for every opportunity to include their logo outdoors. While this is not a bad idea, there is more to a brand than its logo. What are some of the company values? Create spaces that reflect this. For example, a company that believes in inclusivity and the importance of social connections, may have more seating for larger groups to discourage cliquish behavior.

  1. Prioritize Maintenance

When designing and building your outdoor space, remember to consider maintenance. Some companies can afford to splurge on features that require frequent maintenance. Some cannot. Double-check the maintenance schedules before agreeing to any plans. This ensures that you have the budget to keep the space looking its best. Otherwise, overgrown areas may attract pests, birds may become a problem, or fish may not receive the care they need to thrive.

When beautiful spaces serve functional purposes, employers achieve a two-birds-one-stone goal. Doing this requires skill, laser focus, and a commitment to the people who will use the spaces most often. Would you like to receive a free estimate for commercial landscaping that takes all these factors into consideration? Contact H & H Landscape Services, LLC by calling 832-604-3925 or sending us an email today.