3 Things to Include in Your Office Complex Landscape

Your office is probably like a second home to more people than just you. As the property manager, you may take more pride in it, but there could be a lot of individuals who spend a considerable amount of time there. Creating a landscape that brings the feel of home back to the office can improve productivity as employees are more comfortable and relaxed while doing their jobs. The following are three things to include in the landscape design of your office complex.

A Water Feature

The sound of water has a natural calming effect. Consider including a small pond, stream, or fountain. If the area permits, you could go for an outright waterfall! Aside from its calming effect, water can give cause for reflection, drown out the sounds of the office, and be a unique feature for everyone to enjoy.

Secluded Areas

Some people like to go and reflect by themselves during a busy day. Include some areas in your design that are more secluded so those who need some time to themselves can have that time in a beautiful setting. There could be a path surrounded by shrubbery with benches every ten yards, or little arboretums that break off from one that is larger, so individuals can step away to spend time alone.

Collaborative Areas

In addition to secluded areas, be sure to include collaborative areas where employees from different departments can meet up for lunch. These areas could also be used for managers to conduct team-building events and other similar get-togethers that will break up a monotonous workday.

When you create an office complex landscape design, you have to consider the needs of various individuals to create that perfect space. From water features to collaborative areas, make sure you include something for everyone to feel comfortable while they’re at work. For help in getting started, contact H&H Landscape Services by calling 832-604-3925 or emailing us today!