3 Things To Consider When Designing a Landscape


The right landscape can make your business stand out from the rest. However, there are several important factors to consider when you are designing the perfect landscape for your business.

 1. The Atmosphere of Your Business

A visually pleasing exterior of a business helps attract customers and also helps to promote a welcoming atmosphere. Having an idea of what you want people to feel like when they look at and enter your business helps you determine what landscape will work best for your business. Colorful flowers can give your business a bright, cheerful look, whereas lots of green shrubs and plants promotes a calming atmosphere.

2. Environmental Factors

Though the visual impact of your business is important, it’s also helpful to consider your climate and environment. Plants that are meant for humid environments are unlikely to thrive in arid climates, just as plants that need plenty of sun will wither if they are in the shade constantly. Taking the time to research what plants will work best in your area helps to ensure that your plants, trees and shrubs thrive.

3. Maintenance

In addition to considering the appearance of your landscape and any environmental factors that may affect it, it’s also useful to decide how often you want to have maintenance done on the landscape. Certain plants and flowers, such as succulents, bamboo and fir trees, require minimal attention, whereas other plants, like lilies and citrus trees, need more maintenance. Though frequent maintenance can be costly, you will likely be able to include a larger variety of trees, flowers and shrubs in your landscape if you are committed to maintenance.

As you plan out a landscape, it’s helpful to consider the appearance of your landscape, environmental factors and the level of maintenance your landscape will require. For help creating the perfect landscape for your business, contact H & H Landscape Services today by calling 832-604-3925.