3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company

Right 360Your business is one of the first things customers will see when approaching your building. A beautiful, well-maintained landscape is an important way to make a memorable first impression on customers and give them a taste of the level of professionalism they can expect to receive once they go inside. Hiring a commercial landscape maintenance company is the best way to ensure your landscape looks great all year long. Before deciding on a company and signing a contract, always ask these three questions.

1.Who Will You Be Communicating With If You Have Any Concerns?

 You want to make sure the landscaping company you choose is easy to get a hold of and willing to communicate with you long after the contract is signed. Finding out who you should get in contact with if you have concerns and receiving reassurance that they welcome your communication will reveal if this is a company you can comfortably do business with.

2.What Is Their Level of Experience?

It is important that you are aware of your needs and expectations for your business’ landscaping and that the company you choose is able to provide all the services you need. Make sure to ask how much experience the company has and what makes them qualified for the job. Find out exactly what services they provide. You can also ask if they are able to provide any references to vouch for their work.

3.Are Their Practices Environmentally Sustainable?

If your business cares about their impact on the environment, you will want to learn whether the landscaping company you choose feels the same. Finding out if they plant native species, if they recycle landscaping waste, and if they use water-conserving irrigation systems is a good place to start.

When choosing a landscaping company to maintain your business’ landscape, there’s much more to consider than the price you’ll have to pay. For a reputable landscaping company you can trust for all your commercial needs, choose H & H Landscaping. Email Ray today at ray@handhlandscapeservices.biz or give us a call at 832-604-3925!