3 Benefits That Make a Commercial Landscaping Plan a No-Brainer!

If you own or manage a commercial property or business, you know that first impressions make or break a deal. When a potential client or customer approaches your property, the first thing they see is the landscaping. Maintaining the grounds is a big job, so why not let a professional commercial landscaping company handle it for you? Here are some of the great benefits a commercial landscaping plan provides.

Landscape Maintenance

Let’s start with the basics. A commercial landscaping plan will cover general maintenance and upkeep. This includes mowing and shaping grass, weed control, and trimming and pruning of bushes and trees. Depending on the plan, the landscape service team may come out once a week, or once every few days.

Water and Turf Management

Turf is generally the largest aspect of any property. In addition to keeping grass trimmed, it’s crucial that you’re working with a company who is committed to keeping your turf healthy, using fertilizers and other chemicals to evaluate soil and stimulate growth and healthy appearance.


Having a functioning irrigation system that’s appropriate for your property is also critical. With technological advancements, it’s easier than ever for a landscaping company to have an intuitive, programmable and adjustable watering or sprinkler system that keeps your grass, plants, and trees looking lush and staying healthy. This also helps you monitor and track water usage.

Design, Development and Installation 

If your property needs a complete cosmetic overhaul, or if you want to expand, a commercial landscaping plan can be created to design and build a new look for your grounds! You’ll work with an architect to design a custom plan built to the specifications and needs of your property. An installation team will bring the vision to life and take your appearance to the next level.

There are so many aspects to running a successful commercial property. By contracting a commercial landscaping plan with H&H Landscape Services, you’ll save valuable time and improve the efficiency and appeal of your land. Call us today at 832-604-3925.